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Stay Silv white paste flux is a homogenous brazing flux ideally suited for use with a variety of base metals. A mixture of boric acid and fluoride compounds, it is formulated to provide smooth flux application, even coverage, and excellent protection during braze heating cycles.


Stay Silv white flux is recommended for brazing copper and copper alloys, (except aluminum bronze), steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys and other ferrous base metals. It is used with many high silver brazing filler metals of the AWS A5.8 BAg classifications and ISO 17672 class Ag alloys.

It is also suitable for use with many phosphorus-copper-silver alloys, (AWS BCuP and ISO CuP), for brazing copper to brass.

Flux may be water thinned but care should be taken to avoid excess dilution.

Flux turns clear, (transparent), close to brazing application temperature. This is a useful indicator you are ready to apply braze wire or rod.


Package Size 1 lb. Jar

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1# Jar, 1/2# Jar, 1/4# Jar, 6.5oz Bottle


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